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Kitchen Remodelling

The kitchen is the go-to room in the house for many families when they want somewhere they can relax and chill out in front of the TV. It’s also obvious the primary hub for cooking. So that your kitchen is set-up for these and any other purposes, supply it with the work surfaces and accessories it needs. Read More

Bathroom Remodelling

When you enter the bathroom you should feel a calming ambience all around you so that you can properly unwind. How the bathroom is decorated will have a strong influence on whether you experience that sensation. If you don’t then you know the time has come to have it remodelled. Read More

Commercial Space Reimagined

Do your business premises match up to and exceed the commercial spaces of your competitors in the designer stakes? Don’t get left behind. Improve the appearance of your premises by integrating the very latest designer worktops to wow the clients and customers who come to visit. Read More

Eco-Friendly Construction

Any kitchen or bathroom remodelling job should be entirely respectful of the environment. Granite Transformations Tunbridge Wells makes a concerted effort to produce our worktops in an eco-friendly manner, only using sustainable methods to bring them all to life. We are an exceptionally “green” company. Read More