The kitchen is our domain

Granite Transformations Tunbridge Wells is immensely experienced when it comes to remodelling kitchens and taking them to totally new heights of luxury. We are continuously producing exciting new kitchen innovations so that you can create a vibrant new kitchen design that sets the trend in your neighbourhood.

A successful remodelling of your kitchen won’t just improve the space, but it will also improve the resale value of your home.

You will find yourself overwhelmed with how many possible worktops we have for your kitchen and the various areas within it. Don’t be afraid when you want features such as waterfall ends included in your work surface.

  • Giving your kitchen the edge

    Our worktops are renowned for being unbelievably slender, but we can make them a little chunkier when you need a thicker worktop to do the job. Increasing their thickness will not be detrimental to their performance or styling.

  • The lightest worktops

    Kitchen worktops are notoriously heavy. Not when they’re bought at Granite Transformations Tunbridge Wells where our worktops are extremely lightweight so that they can be integrated into your kitchen quickly.

    It usually takes us less than 24 hours to have your chosen worktop/s applied to the desired work surfaces.

  • Spectacular performance

    Though they’re amazingly light, you can still expect our work surfaces to demonstrate the strength and level of performance demanded by a contemporary worktop. Much of the durability they display can be put down to the high grade polyester that we include in their design.

    We want you to share the confidence we have in the performance of a Granite Transformations worktop which is why you will receive a Lifetime Limited Warranty.